4D Cityscape 4D Lord The Ring Middle Earth Time Puzzle (1390 Piece)

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  • The 4D Lord of the rings middle earth time puzzle takes you to the beautiful world of Tolkien's middle earth with iconic locations such as minas tirith, isengard, mount Doom, barad- dûr and more!
  • This unique puzzle has four Dimensions – a jigsaw map, topography map, 3D models and replicas with the final dimension being time represented by a poster that details history
  • Perfect gift for fans of the Tolkien books and the beautiful movies or for newcomers to the world, comes with an official guide to middle earth full of facts
  • Create a truly interactive puzzle-map that lets you explore middle Earth's history, territory and important landmarks
  • Dimensions: 30" x 18" x 2" | over 1390 pieces | ages 14 and up